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Welding automation

Welding automation

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Automatic regeneration of the rails

Automatic welding and regeneration rails A6 Tramtrac (special version of the machine Mastertrac) is carried out exclusively by our company. It is built on the basis of system components A6 f-my ESAB. Welding head through cross-system rests hand is placed on the “tractor”, which drives the trolley rail.

The head is designed for welding flux wire single. It is rearming head welding flux dwudrutem or any other method of welding.

The truck has a track wheels 1 435 mm and the possibility of retooling it to 1000 mm (gauge tram eg. In Bydgoszcz). With wheels oriented transversely to the axis of the rails, which, upon exiting allow for the rapid removal of the machine track for the necessity to drive the tram.

The machine is controlled by a controller PEH enabling pre-programmed welding parameters and display them (current, voltage, speed).

Pneumatic Extraction flux OPC provides suction niestopionego flux for reuse.


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