Power tools

We offer a wide selection of power tools, both for household and industrial use. We offer utility companies such as Makita, DeWalt, Hitachi and others. We also offer warranty service purchased from us hardware.

We also offer tools and pneumatic accessories.


We offer compressors Chinook Italian company to use both semi and typical industrial applications. Compressors are of high quality and high reliability. All proposed equipment is covered by the manufacturer’s warranty and meet the national requirements UDT.

The offer also includes a compressor Italian company DARI, recommended particularly where there are significant small size and high performance. They are easy to transport and are widely used in construction and finishing, automotive etc.


Brass couplings for universal use. Closed external housing. Through the use of hardened locking pins cooperation is possible with tools equipped with plugs Steel. Compatible with a series of 26.

Fields of application: industry, trade, production.


Polyurethane hose reels Pneumatic is a proposal for facilities and services who value order and aesthetics. They enable the supply of compressed air to any place both indoors and outside. Built-in self-cleaning system ensures long and reliable operation.


Conduits made of flexible PVC, additionally reinforced with textile spiral braiding double. The product is designed for pumping compressed air with an operating pressure of 10 bar at 23C. Temperature range of -40C to 70C.


They are very flexible, soft and return to their original shapes. Ideal for all types of tools that do not require large cash flows as guns tire inflation, blowing, grinding DIAX, spray guns.


Such as: air impact wrenches, spanners Angle grinders, pneumatic, diaxy.

Pneumatic tools they use to drive compressed air. They are used in engineering, automotive, manufacturing, wood and furniture.

The main advantages of contrasting pneumatic tools and electric are: resistance to overload, a simple power and control, a favorable power to weight ratio, the ability to work in environments at risk of fire.


In our offer you can find the guns working in all paint systems, ie. HP, HVLP, LVLP and RP. Our equipment is characterized by a high and uniform level of spray material, ergonomically shaped handle allows for comfortable long work and high quality nozzles and heads.